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Learn from our Results Coaching Experts to help you develop new skills and prepare for the future.

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Excellent New Coaching for Beginners to Advanced Level

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Results Coaching

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Certificate of our Coaching Expert

To your Career Success,

Every successful person that you know has a Business Coach.

Our promise is simple to help you achieve your goals, quicker, faster, easier and with confidence.

Business Change School

CEO | Founder, Nakatindi Chalansi

Business Change Leaders

Business Transformation Leaders

Business Change Managers

Business Transformation Managers

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MBA Nakatindi Chalansi, Founder | CEO of Business Change School

Stay Ahead of the Job Curve

Bridge the GAP between where you are and where you want to get to faster, quicker and easier with our simplified techniques.

MBA graduate from Strathclyde Business School and studied Business Coaching from City University. 

With fourteen years, experience of working in Business Change, Nakatindi is your FIRST CHOICE RESULTS COACH to help you unlock and achieve your career goals.

Discover How Our Results Coaching Works To Achieve Your Career Success


Book a quick 15 min Discovery Call with our Results Coaching Expert


We meet you where you are and at the call we listen carefully to your specific needs and how to bridge your GAP


We assign you to Nakatindi, the CEO of Business Change School and your Results Coach


Start your session where we help you to plan then to achieve your goals, quicker, faster, easier and with confidence

*All the above result in clarity with setting clear goals, and career success. Our Coaching is the bridge for your desired future.

Our Exceptional Coaching Benefits

As a promise you will set clear goals, have a plan of action, obtain clarity in your purpose with improved performance, improved relationships, increased visibility at work, improved leadership skills, increased confidence and improved wellness.

All the above lead to discovering your authentic self and achieving greater success in your career sustainably for the long term.

Our Results Coaching for Career Success 

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Our Results Coaching Sessions are excellent to bridge the GAP between where you are today to where you want to get to in your business change career to achieve tremendous short term and long-term success.

You will work with well trained and talented Results Coaches who use simplified tools, techniques and frameworks to help achieve your goals, faster, quicker, easier, consistently and with guaranteed confidence.


Create a sustainable and enjoyable career strategy

Unlock your potential to become an authentic self

Close the gap between your current and future state

Learn new leadership skills to inspire and lead

Discover your value and to be essential to your company

Become authentic to achieve a great career

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