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Customised Written CVs and Interview Preparation to Accelerate your Job Search.

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Excellent CV Experts for Beginners to Advanced Level


CV Experts

To your Job Search Success,

Every successful person that that has successfully acquired a Job has a Career Strategy.

Our promise is simple to helpyou in standing out from competitors and to achieving your goals faster and with confidence.


Business Change School

CEO | Founder, Nakatindi Chalansi

Business Change Leaders

Business Transformation Leaders

Business Change Managers

Business Transformation Managers

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Stay Ahead of the Job Curve

Elevate your Job Search with a customised Business Change CV and Cover Letter written by our Talented Business Change Experts.

We also offer LinkedIn Profile updates to ensure that your application standouts from the competition to being selected.

Then we have recently introduced interview preparation one-to-one sessions to increase your chances for job consideration in the race.

Discover How Our CV Experts Works To Achieve Your Career Success


Choose your preferred package and purchase


Receive email to schedule a call with our CV Expert


Attend call to discuss your specific expectations and requirements


Receive 3 Templates. If part of package LinkedIn profile update and schedule interview preparation

Business Change Leaders

Business Transformation Leaders

Business Change Managers

Business Transformation Managers

Our Exceptional CV Benefits

As a promise you will receive Three Customised CVs Written to help you choose the best template and obtain clarity when making your applications.

LinkedIn profile updates and interview preparation will improve your chances with your new employer.

All the above will lead to increasing your chances for success and achieving greater success.

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CVs For Your Career Success


Our CV Expert Service is excellent to bridge the GAP between where you are today to where you want to get to in your job search. Excellent for Business Change Directors and Business Change Managers.

You will work with well trained and talented CV Experts to create your customised CV, update your Linked Profile and use innovative interview preparation techniques to help you achieve your job search goals, faster and with confidence.


Three customised CVs written to retain

1 Hour Interview preparation if part of package purchased

Two cover letters for the job application being made

Top 20 job interview questions and answers

LinkedIn Profile Update if part of the purchased package

Service to be delivered within 72 Hours

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