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Our CEO and Founder

Nakatindi Chalansi gained her MBA from Strathclyde Business School. She is an author and well known business consulting expert with a real passion for Business Change.

Nakatindi Chalansi - Business Change School

About Business Change School

Our Brand Story began with Nakatindi’s optimism to create a global e-learning destination for Business Change. The company mission is to provide Business Change professionals with new knowledge and skills to deliver successful projects. Our core value is simplicity which is how we design our products to ensure a seamless, quicker, easier and faster learning experience for our customers.

The Change and Project e-Learning platform came about because we discovered new project techniques and methods to address critical problems that most businesses are facing in 2024. Our focus is to help business leaders and business change professionals reach their utmost potential with simplified frameworks, empowering them to make informed business decisions about their projects.

Nakatindi was born at the London Welbeck Hospital in Westminster, and she graduated from Strathclyde Business School. Ever since she started her career, she had always enjoyed learning about high performing business operational models which had helped widen her horizons regarding her commercial expertise. The business skills played a pivotal role in introducing Nakatindi to strategic transformation leadership.

Driven by a passion for encountering real-life corporate problems, Business Change School aspires to offer modern tools such as toolkits, one-to-one coaching, and guides on our digital learning platform. The goal is to implement simplified project lifecycles for successful project and programme execution.


To connect with Business Change School, visit our social media community pages on LinkedIn.

About BCS

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