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Our New Business Change School Career Wheel

Updated: Apr 26

Coaching: The Game Changer for Business Leaders.

Starting on a journey of business change requires not just strategy and expertise, but also a strong foundation of personal and professional development.


Using a Career Wheel as a tool for navigating business change can be highly effective in providing a comprehensive overview of a client's career and identifying areas for improvement.


  • Understanding the Career Wheel: Picture a wheel divided into various segments, each representing a crucial aspect of your career, such as career vision, career branding, leadership, communication, skills, values, goals, relationships, and work-life balance. This comprehensive diagram serves as a visual roadmap, allowing you to assess the entirety of your career landscape in one glance.

  • Gaining Clarity and Insight: One of the primary purposes of the Career Wheel is to provide a holistic overview of your career. By examining each segment, you gain valuable insights into the interconnected nature of different aspects of your professional life. This clarity enables you to identify patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement with greater precision.

  • Highlighting Interconnected Areas: The beauty of the Career Wheel lies in its ability to highlight the interconnectedness of various career dimensions. For instance, you may discover that dissatisfaction in one area, such as job satisfaction, spills over into other aspects like work-life balance or professional development. Understanding these connections empowers you to address underlying issues more effectively.

  • Setting Priorities and Goals: Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your career through the Career Wheel, you can prioritise areas that require attention and set clear, actionable goals. Whether it's enhancing your skills, nurturing relationships, or aligning your values with your work, the Career Wheel helps you identify where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

  • Facilitating Client-Centred Coaching: For coaches, the Career Wheel serves as a valuable tool for facilitating client-centred coaching sessions. By guiding clients through the exploration of each segment, coaches can help individuals uncover hidden insights, clarify their priorities, and develop personalised strategies for growth and success.

  • Iterative Process of Improvement: As you progress in your career journey, the Career Wheel evolves with you. Regularly revisiting and reassessing each segment allows you to track your growth, adapt to changing circumstances, and refine your priorities over time. It's a dynamic process of continuous improvement and self-discovery.

Business Change School Career Wheel

Source: Business Change School Career Wheel

By integrating the Career Wheel into the coaching process, you can provide clients with a structured framework for understanding, prioritising, and addressing the impact of business change on their careers.


This approach promotes clarity, empowerment, and proactive decision-making, ultimately leading to greater success in managing transitions and achieving professional goals.


In summary, coaching is not a luxury service for a select few, but rather a strategic investment in leadership development and organisational performance. So, let's embrace the power of coaching and unlock our full potential as change leaders!

Start today and visit our website For Coaching | BusinessChangeSchool to take your business change career to that next level of success.


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