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Change Toolkit and Coaching to Help you have a Successful Career.

The first e-learning company to provide a toolkit and results coaching for business change professionals. Unlock your potential to achieve a successful career.

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New Toolkit, Book and Coaching for Beginners to Advanced Level  

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Latest Toolkit

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Our New Book

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Coaching Sessions

Business Change Leaders

Business Transformation Leaders

Business Change Managers

Business Transformation Managers

Project success

Our Clients Success Stories

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“Provided new system implementation, improved settlement activities helping to run the new processes smoothly.”

Stephanie Jox

BNP Paribas

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“Impressed by the capacity to independently design business analysis strategies for large and complex change.”

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Bryan Harget

Drax Group

“Highly driven, credible, and  provided detailed process flows which made it easy for the Business to understand technical solutions.”

Subhrangsu Bagchi

RWE NPower

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As Featured in Global Business News

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CBS News


Fox 43

Business Change Toolkit, Book and Coaching to Transform your Career

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Readiness Toolkit

Acquire our 3-step Toolkit to reduce project costs and deliver seamless transition from current to future state.

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Business Process Mapping Book

Invest in our simplified Book to enhance your skills in process mapping and process architecture.

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Change Coaching

Achieve your goals faster and quicker for career success with our trained and talented Results Coach.

Companies We Have Worked With

British Petroleum       BNP Paribas       Shell Trading       Drax        SSE       Centrica

Discover Why Our Toolkit and Coaching Are The Best For Project Success

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*For each Toolkit purchase, you get access to Instant Downloadable Templates, One-to-One Coaching, One-to-One Chats, 24/7 Customer Service and Lifetime Access

Projects We Have Worked On


SAP Software

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Salesforce Platforms


Oracle Applications


MS Power BI

Benefits of our Business Change Toolkit and Coaching

Effective Leadership
on Projects

Accurate Business Change

Deliver Successful Business Change

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

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