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Our Quick and Easy Toolkit for Project Board Setups on Project Management Software. 

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Excellent Project Board Setup on Project Management Software

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Toolkit to Setup Project Board Structures
Source: Microsoft.Com

To your Project Board Setup Success,

Every leader that has successfully delivered projects has a great strategy.

Our promise is simple to help you in quickly setting up the right board structure on your project management software.

Business Change School

CEO | Founder, Nakatindi Chalansi

Business Change Leaders

Business Transformation Leaders

Business Change Managers

Business Transformation Managers

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Quick and Easy Project Boards

Increase your chances of exceptional success by setting up the right project board structures on your project management software.

We provide a step-by-step guide to help you manage all the project activities from your purchased Business Change Toolkits.

Our trained and talented business change experts will provide one-to-one coaching to help you setup your board structure within 30 Mins.

Discover How Our Project Board Structure Setup Works To Achieve Your Success


Choose your preferred package and purchase


Receive email with Toolkit and instructions. If sufficient no call will be required


Receive email invite to setup the preferred board on your project software


Attend call and setup the preferred board structure with our business change expert

Business Change Leaders

Business Transformation Leaders

Business Change Managers

Business Transformation Managers

Our Exceptional Board Benefits

The main benefits are Time Savings, Quality Delivery and Stakeholder Management. . Our Project Board Structure Setup Toolkit is Downloadable We help Business Change Projects with task management across functions and to achieve 90% success.

The Toolkit is  provided with one-to-one coaching and after purchase and 24/7 support.

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Toolkit for Board Setups on Project Software


Are you Performing Time Consuming Random Tasks without an End-to-End Framework to Manage your Cross Functional Tasks? Are you Tired of Re-Creating and Re-engineering a Project Board Structure that doesn’t Work?

The Project Board Toolkit is Excellent for JIRA, MS Azure and other Project Software to Setup Boards in 30 Mins. Our Business Change Experts provide One-to-One Coaching and 24/7 Customer Support.


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