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Upskill your teams to deliver successful projects, generate positive ROI and prepare for the future.

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Business Readiness Toolkit


Process Mapping Book

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Are you ready to learn new skills and knowledge in business change?


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Business Change School

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Business Transformation Managers

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Stay Ahead of your Competitors

“Lifelong learning is not a buzzword for us at Mercedes-Benz”. 

Get started with our Toolkit to help your organisation create high performing project teams and increase your market-share.

Our Customised Toolkit is Designed For:

Small Businesses
Medium Size Businesses
Large Businesses
Enterprise-Level Businesses

Our Exceptional Toolkit Benefits

This 5-step Toolkit has been uniquely designed to ensure simple and easy access for individuals and teams of any size.

Each individual will get access to 
Demos, Training, Templates, Dashboard, Reports and Lifetime Access

In addition, One-to-One after purchase Coaching, and 24/7 Toolkit support will be available to assist with any queries that you may have to ensure a smooth learning experience.


Full Access To Our Toolkit

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*For each Toolkit purchase, you get access to Free Demos, Training, One-to-One Coaching, 1-1 Chats and Lifetime Access

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Our Business Readiness Toolkit is excellent for business change projects. The framework provides an end-to-end approach to ensure initiation, planning, implementation and sustainability.

The main goal is to provide strategic communication, customer satisfaction and seamless transition from current state to the future state.


Prepare for change with communication strategy

Capture communication and stakeholders

Perform business change planning for initiation

Document processes, procedures and training

Implement change with multiple templates

Provide target operating model and sustain

Choose Maximum Number of Users:

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Process Mapping Book aims to elevate your corporate management, operational efficiencies, and project management skills to new unexplored heights.

The book emphasises about how improving process mapping contributes to customer experience and establishing a profitable footprint in a competitive market.


Corporate Strategy

Customer Experience

Process Re-engineering

Digital Technology

Customer Journeys

Risk & Profitability


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