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Embark on a professional journey with a comprehensive range of resources tailored to empower business change directors, business change leaders and business change managers at every stage of their career. 

From navigating business change to crafting effective resumes and realising career ambitions, the offerings are meticulously designed to equip individuals with the tools, guidance, and support necessary to unlock their full potential and thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

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Our Business Change Toolkits Offer

Are you tired of the business change stress or wasting time performing random activities that don’t generate the right results? Are you tired of re-creating or re-engineering a solution that doesn’t work?

We focus on by providing business change leaders with simplified toolkits which are downloadable in 5 Mins. Our toolkits could be the right solution with videos and quick guides. We provide after purchase one-to-one coaching and 24/7 customer support to navigate and implement your business change effectively. The main benefits are time savings, 90% quality delivery, cost savings and improved stakeholder management. 

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Our CV Expertise Offer

Are you performing time consuming tasks of writing a professional CV and cover letter  for your job search? Are you tired of not getting interviews or job offers you truly want?

Our CV expert service could be the solution to write your customised CVs and cover letters in 3  Days. We also offer LinkedIn profile updates to ensure that your application standouts from the competition to being selected. Then we have recently introduced an interview preparation package with one-to-one sessions to increase your chances for job consideration in the race.

Stand out from the crowd with a professionally crafted CV tailored to your career goals. Elevate your Job Search with a customised business change CV and cover letter written by our talented business change experts.

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Our Career Coaching Offer

Are you performing random career goals without an end-to-end framework or big picture to help you achieve your true goals? Are you looking for a career vision that fulfils your true purpose and desires.

Propel your career forward with our personalised one-to-one coaching sessions and 24/7 customer support tailored to help you achieve your career goals. We help you decide your values in Week 1 and then create your career plan in week 2.

Bridge the GAP between where you are and where you want to get to quicker and easier with our techniques. As a promise you will set clear goals, have a plan of action, obtain clarity in your purpose with improved performance, improved relationships, increased visibility at work, improved leadership skills, increased confidence and improved wellness.

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Customer Success Stories

BNP Paribas

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“Nakatindi and I worked together on various projects at BNP Paribas, and she had excelled at improving the processes and challenges on the operations desk. Nakatindi was also able to educate our team members on the business change, new system implementation, improving settlement activities and helping to run the new processes smoothly.“

Stephanie Jox

Corporate and Institutional Banking

Drax Group

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“I had the pleasure of working with Nakatindi in business change and she quickly made good first impressions throughout the business and became productive from day one and delivered quality results on time. I was most impressed with her capacity to independently design business analysis strategies for large and complex change, whilst collaborating with and managing stakeholder expectations effectively.”

Bryan Harget
Business Change Programme

RWE NPower


“I would highly recommend Nakatindi’s enormous expertise in business change. Nakatindi joined our established team to work on a specific piece of work and delivered a quality deliverable within the required timelines engaging extremely well with the change team and with the business teams alike.”

David Coulthard

Business Change Programme

RWE NPower

Picture3 -success storieis version two.jpg

“I found Nakatindi to be a highly driven, credible and hardworking. Her enthusiasm and excellent social interactions were well recongnised across the business and IT. She produced some extremely detailed and descriptive process flow diagrams for the Business and IT support team which made it rather easy for the Business to understand the underlying technical aspects. It was a great pleasure working with Nakatindi and I would highly recommend her roles in IT or Business Change.”

Subhrangsu Bagchi
Business Change Programme

Southern Water


“Nakatindi was a very diligent and capable Business Consultant prepared to put in whatever effort was required to deliver for the project. An extremely reliable and popular member of the team who was always happy to pick up and deal with any subject matter, issue or challenge presented to her.”

Gordon Todd

Business Change Programme

X4 Consulting Firm


“Nakatindi is an accomplished Business Consultant with an outstanding track record within utilities – over the past 10 years she’s been at the forefront of some of the industry’s most high- profile programmes from Finance Transformation to Open Water Market Reform to Smart Metering. With considerable expertise spanning IT, Technology, Business Change and Transformation she is in high demand – a statement best verified by the fact that she’s had successfully secured two contract roles through myself, I would Highly recommend!”

Dough Beck
Head of Change and Transformation

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Book a 15-minute call with our Program Director to discuss your business change  career goals. Our team has over 15+ years business change experience delivering successful projects. Unlock your full potential with our suite of products designed to support your journey to success.

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